The Single Man’s Philippines Sex Guide (Top Tips For 2024)

From neon-lit Manilla to the seedy streets of Angeles City, it’s the jewel in the crown of sex tourism. This Philippines Sex Guide will guide you through it.

After all, I’ve impregnated the throats of countless Filipina whores and been balls-deep in the hot asses of Filipino ladyboys for almost a decade now, so I’ve learnt a thing or two.

From what makes Filipina sluts stand head and shoulders above the rest to the prices of the most common types of hookers to be found in the Philippines, this guide reveals all!

What Are Filipino Girls Like In Bed?

Across South East Asia, there’s a lot of competition between Thais, Vietnamese, Cambodians, etc., on who fucks the hardest. IMO, Filipino sluts are in the lead.

Compared to their SE Asian counterparts in neighboring countries, I’ve found Filipino girls to be the horniest and keen to prove that Philippines sex is an experience like something out of porn videos.

Filipina ladyboy sucking U.S. Marine's cock

Whether with a local hooker or a casual girl, expect quality multiple-sex sessions in one night, adventurous pushing of boundaries, and some overall crazy sex.

Whilst many Thai women groan and moan as you fuck them in the ass, you’re more likely to find Filipino women crying out, “fuck me harder, daddy!” as you rearrange their asshole.

The first time I ever visited Manila, I messaged a girl on Adult Friend Finder to try and search for my first Philippines sex experience.

Within ten minutes, she was in my hotel room and sucking my cock

She was on her period, but that was ok because she had no qualms about me sliding it deep into her ass instead, and we fucked for hours.

Thanks to that Latina genes, Filipinas often have curvy bodies, better tits, and big soft asses.

Although, you can still find skinny sluts if that’s your thing. Overall, there’s a lot more variation than compared to, say, Thailand.

And there’s also the language. English is widely spoken here, and it’s a breath of fresh air compared to other countries. So there isn’t much language barrier on dating apps, etc.

High sex drives, kinky behaviour, easy to chat with, and all topped off with gorgeous bodies that were built for fucking. Now, where do you meet them?

How To Meet Filipino Women Online For Sex

Because English is commonly spoken, the Philippines is a common place to visit for first-time sex tourists.

Many of them aren’t well-versed in the art of picking up hookers on the street or in bars, so allow me to share with you some heavily active sites to meet Filipino women for sex.

Adult Friend Finder

Want a hot Filipina girl to ride your face but don’t fancy paying for it? Adult Friend Finder has millions of horny members worldwide, with tonnes of them based in the Philippines.

This decades-running adult hookup site has it all if you’re seeking casual sex with horny women, ladyboys, or whatever floats your boat.


Billed as “the future of escort bookings”, this is a massively-used site in SE Asia where guys can check out ratings, prices, and services of escorts before booking.

It’s kinda like the Tripad*sor of hookers. Check out my full, no-holes-barred review with an explicit story of my experiences through the site.


PinaLove is a casual dating site massively popular amongst sexpats and Filipina women, with the latter massively outweighing the former.

I’ve had some great sexual results through this site. Have a look here.

Five Types Of Hookers In The Philippines (With Prices in USD)

Now, what does the menu offer when it comes to hookers in the Philippines? I’m gonna guide you through the most common types with up-to-date prices.

Go Go Bar/Bikini Bar Girls

The simplest, but not the cheapest, way to get your dick wet here is to go to a Go-Go Bar, also locally known as Bikini Bars.

Grab a beer, watch the girls dance, and then signal their attention when they’re finished. You then buy her a lady drink and start flirting.

If she’s not shy, she’ll handle your cock in no time. Then, if you like what you see, you can pay a bar fine (which includes sex, unlike in neighboring countries) to take her back to your room.

The standard price for a girl at a GoGo/Bikini Bar is 3,000 Pesos ($50). The beers cost 80-90 Pesos ($1.50), and “lady drinks” are around 300 Pesos ($5). Slightly more expensive, but you do get your dick handled with it, so you can’t complain!

A Streetwalking Filipina Hooker Isn’t Hard To Find

You don’t have to walk far on the streets of any Filipino city to encounter casual sex workers stalking the streets. They’ll often approach you and then negotiate what you want.

The prices can range from between 1,000 ($18) and 1,500 ($27) Pesos for girls in central areas and as little as 500 ($9) in rougher areas, but always be careful in the latter and don’t get robbed!

As you’ve probably seen in porn videos with local hookers here, the sex takes place at your hotel/apartment or a cheap love hotel nearby (extra 200 pesos/$4).

Happy Ending Massages

Compared to Thailand, The Philippines doesn’t have an erotic massage parlor on seemingly every corner, but they’re equally not that hard to find.

Just make sure that you’re definitely in a happy ending massage before you hand over money, and don’t leave disappointed in the end.

Filipino Ladyboy Prostitutes

Filipino ladyboys can be found everywhere, whether working in go-go bars, sports pubs, or walking the streets. The prices are between 500 ($9) and 3,000 Pesos ($50)

You also don’t have to be a detective to spot them. Most ladyboys are more than transparent about their gender and whether they’ve had gender reassignment surgery or not.

Because, believe it or not, they don’t want a nasty confrontation with a foreign client as much as you don’t want an unexpected dick in your face.

Filipina ladyboys deserve an entire article of their own. Luckily, they have one! You can give it a read here.

Sugar Babies

Look, The Philippines is damn poor. So Sugar Babies are increasingly common here. You buy them shit, and they reciprocate with their pussy. Everyone wins.

Usually reserved for older sex tourists, you can find sugar babies in the same place you’d find hookers.

Still, they’re better found online, where it’s easier for them to negotiate what they want out of the relationship.

Unmissable Sex Tourism Destinations In The Philippines

Even in the most remote corners of the Philippines, it’s not hard to find free and paid sex opportunities, but there are some destinations which are like Soddom and Gomorrah.

Angeles City: the Seediest RLD in The Philippines

The hub of Filipino sex tourism is Angeles City. Located 82 km from the capital of Manila, it was originally built for U.S. military men stationed nearby and has grown into one of the world’s most infamous red-light districts.

Cebu: Clean Water & Dirty Filipina Bitches

Cebu is pretty fuckin’ stunning regarding natural scenery and crystal-clear waters. But you know what ain’t clean? The sex drives of the local women!

Cebu is a magnet for horny tourists and is jam-packed with hookers, sex bars, brothels, and ladyboys; you name it!

Manila: The Capital of Sex

Then you have Manila! The country’s capital has four red light districts and is basically the Harrod’s of sex in the Philippines. If you can’t find it here, you won’t find it anywhere.

Whilst the tourist attractions aren’t the best, I suggest that you dedicate at least a few days to this chaotic city and explore the wealth of sexual experiences it has to offer.

Try Before You Buy! Where To Watch Free Porn Videos From The Philippines

Ok, I’ve talked a lot about the sexual prowess of Filipina sluts, but am I just saying that because so many have given me eye-rolling orgasms over the years?

Well, see for yourself! There are tonnes of cool places to watch quality free porn videos of Philippines sex with a local hooker or two. I even wrote an article on it!

Conclusion To This Philippines Sex Guide

From ladyboys without limits to horny bitches who’ll ride your cock for hours for a few pesos, the Philippines sex scene has to be seen to be believed!

If you need any further info on Philippines sex tourism, feel free to drop a comment below.


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