The Jaw Dropping Japan Sex Tourism Guide

Konnichi-wa, reader-chan, and welcome to our ultimate Japan sex guide! Check your Nanking jokes at the door because we’ll have none of that here.

This is a guide to all the pleasures of the pillow you might engage in upon a visit to Japan, whether availing yourself of the services of geisha or simply grabbing a streetwalker for a quick-and-nasty spot of sheathing the katana. 

Japanese porn is – let’s say – disproportionately popular amongst certain demographics (if you’ve got a waifu pillow, let’s take it as read I’m talking about you here).

“Unlike ‘health’ centers, Japanese brothels do allow penetrative sex, and you generally get three shots during your 60-70 minute window.”

Yet despite this, Japan itself isn’t quite as renowned a sex destination as, say, SE Asian countries like Thailand and the Philippines.

This is because Japan is (a) quite a conservative country and (b) historically not that big on foreigners doing stuff in their country.

The question, then, is this: can you realistically take a laycation to Japan, or will you be committing carnal seppuku?

Join us, reader-chan, as we dive into this no-holes-barred Japan sex tourism guide and go deeper than a Kamikaze pilot into an American aircraft carrier!

Japan Sex Tourism: Is It Worth The Trip? 

There’s a reason that all these fucking weeb nerds jerk off constantly to Japanese porn, my friend: it’s because Japanese chicks are hot as fuck. 

On top of that, their whole naïve innocent schtick does it for a whole load of dudes – just look how many fucking perverts out there are into Japanese schoolgirl cosplay shit. 

I’m not here to judge that kind of thing one way or another. I’m just saying there’s a lot of demand for Japanese chicks.

And there are not many Japanese chicks to be found outside of Japan, so if you want the real deal, get thee to the Land of the Rising Sun. 

What Are Japanese Girls Like? 

While I find it really, really hard to believe that anyone reading this article doesn’t already have an excellent idea of what Japanese girls are like, I’ll play ball. 

Japanese girls are on the shorter side, sport glossy black hair, and can be quite thicc by East Asian standards.

They are darker skinned than European girls (their skin tends more towards golden), but white skin is prized in Japanese culture, so Japanese girls will often spend a fortune on skin-whitening products and avoid the sun. 

Culturally, they are quite demure and submissive. Anyone who has seen Japanese porn (come on; you’ve all seen Japanese porn) will know that they tend to be the more submissive partner, and they go in for all that crying and acting reluctant shit that I guess some guys are into.

What I’m saying is that you’ll have a hard time finding a Japanese dominatrix escort (and if you do, get me her number). 

Japan: The Escorts Menu

Now, let’s look at the sort of escorts you’ll find at night in Japan.

While you’ll find your traditional brothels and massage parlors in the Land of the Rising Sun, there are also a few escort experiences that are particular to the country itself, and we’ll have a look at those in detail, too. 

Note: all prices are, for the sake of convenience, rendered in USD. This is because you are too stupid to understand Japanese Yen or currency exchange rates. 

‘Health’ Hookers 

The Japanese are big on their euphemisms, and nowhere is more laden with them than the prostitution industry.

Prostitution in Japan is illegal; specifically, vaginal penetration is illegal, leaving a lot of gray area for working girls to operate within. 

‘Health’ (rendered, hilariously, as ‘heresu’ by the Japanese) hookers are found in many forms; a lot of them operate in low-rent brothels, while there are also ‘delivery’ health providers (like an adult Uber Eats, but for pseudo-hookers). 

Generally, these girls will shower you, lick your nipples/dick/ass, and rub your dick with their labia in a form of Japanese non-penetrative sex called sumata.

Penetrative sex with these escorts is not allowed; if you try it, you’ll get kicked out at best (or the girl will leave). That said, it may be negotiable with the girl herself. 

Expect to pay between $150-200 for a Japanese ‘health’ provider. 

Soapland Brothels 

Another euphemistic phrase, ‘Soaplands’ are essentially your traditional brothel where you go to get laid.

Unlike ‘health’ centers, brothels do allow penetrative sex, and you generally get three shots during your 60-70 minute window. 

Japan is big on privacy and etiquette, so a Soapland visit is very civilized. At no point will you see a guy during your visit – the male employees are all behind the scenes, and it’s a gross breach of etiquette for male patrons to see each other at all, so you’ll have to wait to be given the all-clear before leaving. 

Soapland brothels are more expensive than health centers, as you obviously get more bang for your buck. An hour will cost about $150, while a two-hour marathon might cost about $220

Pink Salons 

Pink salons are a low-rent brothel operation in Japan where the only thing on the menu is bareback blowjobs, typically where the client slings rope into the girl’s mouth at the end.

Because of this, it’s pretty hard to recruit girls (there’s a higher risk of STIs compared to ‘health’ work or protected vaginal sex); because of that, there are few pink salons that will let foreigners in.

This is because of the perception that foreigners will make the girls ‘damaged goods’ (Japan can be kinda racist like that). 

These adult places are pretty low-rent, as I said. That means that you’re not gonna be running into any stunning JAV actresses in a pink salon.

Also, be warned that you’re at a higher risk of contracting an STI – these girls blow hundreds of men a month without protection. 

Prices vary depending on the time of day and the city you’re in; expect to pay between $40-60 for half an hour in Tokyo.Sekuyaba 

Sekuyaba – sometimes called ‘sexy pubs’ – are a sorta fusion between the traditional Japanese hostess bar (where you pay for a hot chick to sit with you, and that’s pretty much it) and the ‘health centers’ where you’ll get blown and rimmed by your ‘health provider’. 

In a sekuyaba, you’ll pay for a girl to come over and sit with you. After a while, the lights will dim, and the girl will straddle you and engage in a bit of frottage-style adult time while you fondle and suck her tits.

Touching below the waist is strictly forbidden in a sekuyaba, so don’t try, or you’ll get thrown out. Similarly, don’t expect to blow your load in a sekuyaba.

They’re more hostess bars than health centers, so you’ll likely walk away blue-balled, unfortunately.

Think of it as a Japanese titty bar where your experience consists of grabbing tits instead of seeing them. 

The pricing is kinda weird in sekuyaba. You pay for a ‘set’, which is essentially a time slot with unlimited drinks (as with anywhere that offers unlimited drinks, the quality leaves much to be desired).

You’ll pay about $60 for 45 minutes, which can vary according to the time of day.

Be aware that you could get hit with hefty fees at the end of the night, too (sometimes as much as 25% of the bill). 

This Website Lets You Search For Hookers Online In Japan

If you’re looking for a quick date and a good time without wandering the streets of Tokyo, then there’s a solid app to locate an escort service in Japan.

Smooci is a staple of Asian sex tourism and lets you find local escorts, see reviews of their services, see when they’re available, and check out high-res pics and videos of them, all for free!

The site has a premium version available for elite-tier sex tourists, but it’s worth checking out the free version to see what’s available and on offer across Japan.

Best Red Light Districts In Japan 

It’s all well and good knowing about the various types of prostitution in Japan, but it’s not much use if you can’t find the hookers themselves.

From Tokyo to Osaka, let’s take a look at the best red light districts in the country that will give you an unforgettable experience.

Ikebukuro, Tokyo 

One of the grittier red-light districts in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, Ikebukuro harbors many sex shops and brothels for the discerning sex tourist.

Because it’s a little more down-market in this corner of Tokyo, you might have more luck as a gaijin than in other areas. 

Tobicha Shinchi, Shinsekai, Osaka 

The premier red light district outside of Tokyo, Tobicha Shinchi is traditionally a rough-n’-ready district high in homelessness, petty crime, and hookers. 

The brothels in the area are a little like the window brothels of Amsterdam, where the girls sit on display looking for men to please and make happy. A great way to browse what’s on offer.

However, you don’t negotiate directly with the girl, but with a mama-san.

Do be warned that gaijin are often not welcome in these places; the best way of figuring this out is to approach and see if you’re acknowledged or not. 

Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo 

Japan’s premier RLD is worth visiting, even if you’re not looking to give a local hooker the best fuck of her night.

That said, this adult area of Tokyo is full of scam artists and touts, so it pays to be on your guard and never follow anyone trying to direct you into any given establishment. 

Koganecho, Yokohama 

This RLD has been thoroughly renovated and hipsterized, so you might find it difficult to find a genuine brothel here anymore.

That said, it’s still worth checking out if you’re in Japan’s second city of Yokohama. 

Shibuya, Tokyo 

Tokyo is Japan’s sex capital for a reason, and it has no end of red-light districts for the enterprising sexpat to explore.

Shibuya is one of the best, with plenty of ‘health academies’ where you can find nubile Japanese girls eager to please. 

Honorable Mention: Roppongi 

Roppongi is world-famous and has always been a huge draw for foreign tourists for years. It’s also a massive trap for sex tourists looking for a really good time, as it’s overpriced, and you’ll often find scammers here.

Come for the tourism, but leave before the sex tourism. 

In Conclusion, Japan’s Sex Tourism Is Worth The Hard Work!

As a conservative and somewhat xenophobic country, finding adult activities in Japan can be challenging.

That said, it’s perfectly possible – it’s just a matter of due diligence and finding gaijin-friendly places.

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Until next time, fix your bacon bayonet and banzai straight into a Japanese heresu hole!