FKK Artemis Berlin: Naked Review of the German Mega Brothel

When we talk about brothels and loose women, most people think of places like Thailand, The Philippines, or the Dominican Republic. But why do people always overlook Germany?

This civilized land of legalized prostitution, mega brothels, and a buffet of international whores looking to show you a good time should be on every kinky tourist’s radar.

But among the many German FKK clubs, brothels, and sex parties, is a mega brothel that is a bucket list item for any serious sex tourist: FKK Artemis Berlin.

“You’ve seen Dusk Till Dawn, right? Remember the “We got white pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy, hot pussy, cold pussy, wet pussy, silk pussy!” guy? That’s what was running through my head when I saw the smorgasbord of naked whores from around the world as I wanted into the main club area of FKK Artemis.”

FKK Artemis Spa, wellness centre and sex club, is not only Berlin’s biggest brothel but it’s one of the world’s largest, seeing over 100,000 guests per year and tens of millions of millions of Euros worth of sales.

Spread over 4,000 m², on any given day between 11 a.m. – 5 a.m, you will find hundreds of naked or scantily clad whores spread across different floors, ready to pull you into eroticism.

It’s a dream come true for many. This week, ISG went behind its doors for an in-depth field report. Ten hours, I stumbled back to my hotel smelling of sex with my balls empty.

This is what happened.

5 Countries in 10 Hours: My Mind-Blowing Artemis Sex Experience

After a traditional German breakfast, I’m restless and watch the clock until it hits 11 am. Today, I’m ticking off a bucket list item in Berlin. But waiting for Artemis to open feels like a lifetime.

Finally, I’m outside this notorious German mega brothel. Inside, I’m greeted by a mid-50s MILF who looks like she’s done a few tours of duty across the Euro escort scene.

English is widely spoken here. It is Berlin, after all. I’m asked if I’ve been here before and given a rundown of the facilities in classic German efficiency.

After handing over 90 Euros ($100), II’mgiven a luxury bathrobe and a locker key. Then, I walked into a literal world of global sex. I had a long, hard night ahead.

I didn’t do a headcount. That would be awkward. But I guessed there were over 100 hookers on the night I visited. The number of nationalities present was wild.

You’ve seen Dusk Till Dawn, right? Remember the “we got white pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy, hot pussy, cold pussy, wet pussy, silk pussy!” guy?

That’s what was running through my head when I saw the buffet of naked whores from around the world as I walked into the main club area of FKK Artemis.

I took in the atmosphere with a German beer and explored the facilities (more on that later). First, let me confess the wildest holes I went down that night.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll be approached by cock-hungry women looking to help you spend your money.

“I fucked her right there on the couch. The more people that walked past, both guys and working girls, the harder she fucked and screamed. A true exhibitionist nympho teen!”

But relax, ignore the pushy girls and don’t jump the gun. That’s what I did, and that’s how I found Francesca, a nymphomaniac whore from the Dominican Republic.

Petite, chunky, and with a thick ass and busty tits that made me drool, Francesca was discreetly eyeing me from across the bar and lured me towards her.

A few minutes later, we were in one of the many-themed rooms of the Artemis Mega Brothel.

This one was designed like a futuristic film set which Francesca, a sci-fi fan, was a big fan of.

What followed was an insanely wild sex session that was the proverbial starting gun of my unforgettable night in Artemis.

Francesca rode like her life depended on it and came on my cock three times. She wasn’t finished with me when she sucked every drop of cum from my balls.

“baby, please make me cum once more, please?” Francesca asked in broken English whilst laying back and spreading her black Dominican legs to reveal her freshly-fucked pink pussy.

I promptly tongued Francesca’s wet, dripping and gaped pussy until she gripped my head and came all over my face. Downstairs, I paid her the 60 Euros she was owed with a hefty tip.

To wash the taste of MMaya’sbeautiful pussy out of my mouth, I headed to the restaurant for some beer and to try the complimentary buffet of food on offer.

From Asian and American to European and beyond, there was a type of food for all, and it’s a great way to re-energize.

As soon as I was done, it was time to restart my search for more sluts! And believe me, I didn’t have to look far!

The second was called Maya. A 19-year-old teen from Dubai in the UAE was slim, olive-skinned, and had a new boob job. She was absolutely stunning with alluring Arabian eyes.

Maya approached me as I was chilling in the porn cinema on the lower floor of the mega brothel, sat on my lap, and let me grope her tits as a free sample.

I fucked her right there on the couch. The more people that walked past, both guys and working girls, the harder she fucked and screamed. A true exhibitionist nympho teen!

Her tight teen pussy combined with the exhibitionist aspect, plus the hardcore German porn playing on the cinema screen in front, resulted in a seriously powerful orgasm.

I was completely spent, and my dick was begging for mercy. I retired downstairs into the pool and spa area, grabbed a cocktail, and lay on one of the empty lounge chairs.

I was falling into a slumber as the sound of therapeutic running water filled my ears when, suddenly, I felt a woman’s nails gently trail under my robe and tickle my balls. There are worse ways to be woken up, that’s for sure!

In front of me was a middle-aged German MILF with a pair of audaciously big, all-natural European tits sticking out of her mesh outfit. She propositioned me, and I succumbed.

This German MILF led me upstairs and into an ancient Rome-themed brothel room and gave me a real sex experience that rivalled some of the most hardcore German pornos.

I’d love to boast and say I fucked her hard. But the truth is, she fucked me! This German MILF tossed me around and used my cock for her pleasure and got paid for it.

I fondly remember feeling her hand (with a wedding ring on, by the way) mercilessly slap my ass as I was on my final strokes in the missionary position. Unforgettable!

From The Artemis Spa to Its Porn Cinema, How Are The Facilities & Staff at This German Sex Club?

Few brothels in the world can rival the sheer scale of Artemis Berlin. The entry fee might seem high, but this is a sexual experience that should be on any bucket list.

It’s not only enormous and packed with a range of facilities, but it’s also populated by literally hundreds of sexually experienced, naked, and horny women.

From the restaurant to the gym and the spa centre to the nightclub, I can’t fault any of the facilities at Artemis. All of them were clean, well-maintained, and perfectly designed.

The staff at the front desk, bar, and other areas of the mega brothel were efficient and reasonably friendly in German terms.

There are hundreds of girls working here at any one night. Amongst them will naturally be some who give a bad experience or constantly demand extras, but I didn’t encounter any.

In my experience, and one shared by many others, the worst girls are the ones who approach you like jackals as soon as you enter—the best wait for you to come to them.

Artemis Tax: How to Visit & How Much Does it Cost?

FKK Artemis is located at Halenseestraße 32-36, 10711 Berlin. It’s easily reachable via public transport, taxi, or potentially walking from anywhere in Berlin.

Artemis works through a basic entry fee that allows you to access all FKK’s facilities, food, and non-alcoholic drinks. The sex is extra. Here’s a cost breakdown.

  • Entry price: 90 Euro/$100
  • Covered sex and blowjob with one of the girls: 60 Euro
  • Extras such as facials, anal, CIM: 50 to 100 Euro

Considering you can fuck six girls for between 60 and 80 Euro at flat rate whorehouses like Airport Girls, it’s not the cheapest brothel in Berlin. But it is an unmissable experience.

I’d suggest a budget of 300 – 500 Euro for a visit to Artemis Berlin. TThat’sthe entry, a few beers, and sex with 3 to 6 stunning women worldwide.

  • Contact number: +49 30 8904440
  • Email:
  • Website:

Unmissable Tips & Advice For Your First Visit to The Artemis Brothel

With over 100 whores spread out across multiple floors, FKK Artemis can be a daunting place when you first visit. So here are some tips and tricks from my visit to the brothel.

  • Don’t feel pressured to go with the first girl you see. You’ll likely be accosted as soon as you walk through the door. Pace yourself, my friend, and see what’s available first. Some girls may be busy upstairs and still to come down.
  • If you can’t tolerate secondhand cigarette smoke, then Berlin brothels may not be for you. Smoking indoors is permitted. So expect a serious haze of smoke in German whorehouses.
  • Check out what FKK Artemis offers, and don’t confine yourself to one place.
  • Have a voyeuristic or exhibitionist side? Head down to the porn cinema and watch others fuck or put on a show yourself. This is a popular haunt for girls to find horny clients.

Is FKK Artemis Worth Checking Out?

I’d fucked five women from various continents in ten hours at Artemis Berlin. My cock was begging for mercy, and my head was a blur.

I returned to my hotel feeling 100 pounds lighter and fell into a deep sleep. Waking up, my room smelled like casual sex and whores. You know the one, lads!

So, do I recommend a trip to Artemis Berlin? Look, it’s not the cheapest whoring experience. But is it worth the money? I 100% think it is if you can afford it.

The basic entry price of 80 euros puts a lot of people off. But you can spend all day here. You get fed, watered and can relax in spa facilities, a porn cinema, and a pool.

Overall, where else can you have a choice of over 100 women from around the world looking to satisfy your sexual needs lined up in front of you?

FKK Artemis is a sexual bucket list item for many, and rightly so. In summary, I highly recommend it!

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Disclaimer: Not all photos included are of Artemis, as photography is forbidden inside. They are there to give an idea of what the scenes inside this German mega brothel are like.


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