The 7 Sinful Days of The Week For Gooner Pornosexuals

As much as I love travelling the world and physically experiencing global sex scenes, sometimes you can’t beat chilling out with a beer and some classic porn!

For me, porn is a good option when I don’t have the energy to attend a gangbang or go mongering. But for others, like Pornosexuals, it’s a way of life.

Pornosexuality, or Gooning, is a pretty new kink but is rapidly gaining ground in various online spaces and, increasingly, physical meetups too.

Mostly because there are lots of people who have been Gooners for years, but are now finding the Gooning kink to relate to. But what is it? Spoiler alert: It has nothing to do with Arsenal FC!

Inside The World of Pornosexuals & Gooning

Ever looked at a pornstar and thought: Man, I’d love to fuck her! Of course, you have. Well, you need to up your game. Because there’s an elite tier of porn consumers on the rise!

Porn addiction and Gooning

Gooners fetishize all aspects of being totally porn addicted. They look at porn sluts like Goddesses who walk the earth.

They’ll masturbate for hours on end until their brain melts. But here’s where it gets interesting. Real Gooners don’t masturbate to cum, they do it to edge for massive periods of time.

Why? Well, aside from the love of porn, it’s about achieving the Gooning state: When you’ve tip-toed on the cusp of orgasm for so long that you reach new levels of sexual pleasure.

“On my travels, I’ve done so much motorboating between big tits that I should have a captain’s license. But sadly, it doesn’t work like that. It’s political correctness gone mad!”

The spectrum of Gooners varies wildly and doesn’t just include us guys. There are also female Goonettes who edge their pussies in devotion to porn.

Pornosexuals are so intense in their worship of porn, that they even have their own calendar. This week, I was led through the different Gooning days by proud Goonette Catherine Duffy.

From oiled-up moms on MILF Monday to audacious creampies on Sloppy Sunday, allow us to introduce you to the seven days of sin that make up the average week for Gooners!

MILF Monday

“That’s it, baby. Sink deeper for mommy. Lay between my thighs and let me lead you into sexual ecstasy. But don’t cum!”

Amongst the world of pornosexuals, older women have a privileged role as so-called Porn Mommies.

They’re fetishized as being the experienced women leading porn consumers deeper into the rabbit hole of porn. Kinky, right?

Porn Mommy content tends to follow the mother-figure concept by being more tender, caring and attentive with their tactics of dragging you deeper into a world of sin and pleasure.

On this day in Pornosexual circles, you can expect to be brainwashed by epic porn featuring the likes of Lisa Ann, Rebecca Moore, Ava Adams, and other MILF icons.

Classic MILF Monday pornstars will often have the classic characteristics: Bimbo aesthetic, oiled-up skin and, of course, a huge pair of enhanced tits. And speaking of big titties!

Titty Tuesday

“Don’t think. Just lose yourself in my beautiful tits and keep stroking. In a few hours, you can beg me to let you cum!”

On my travels, I’ve done so much motorboating between big tits that I should have a captain’s license. But sadly, it doesn’t work like that. It’s political correctness gone mad!

I go weak for a nice pair of tits. So Titty Tuesday quickly grabbed my attention. On this day, Pornosexuals devote a day of worship to big porno milkers in various forms.

There’s no body-shaming here and the content you can expect to see on Titty Tuesday is as varied as the Gooning community itself. But expect to be corrupted by big tit sluts.

From big MILF tits drenched in cum to cute bee sting boobs covered in cum, this is a day to celebrate the glory of breasts in all of their forms. But there are a few names who often appear.

Iconic busty pornstars like Gianna Michaels, Aletta Ocean, and Angela White often become altars of big tit worship for many of these fist-fucking porn aficionados. And for good reason!

Ass Wednesday

It doesn’t matter if you pump to oiled up porn ass or greasy porn cocks, just keep edging!”

Whether you’re the type who prefers a nice bouncy ass or have a weakness for a pair of tits doesn’t matter, because the Pornosexual week has days dedicated to both!

The overall theme is being blatantly corrupted by the mere sight of porn asses from the big and bouncy ones to the toned type crafted from countless squats on big dicks.

Whether it’s PAWGs twerking their oiled-up asses or big, bouncy ebony booties being rearranged by greased-up porn dick, Ass Wednesday is all about worshipping big rumps!

There are lots of girls who claim to have the best ass in porn. It’s all down to personal preference at the end of the day.

But on this day, expect to see Pornosexuals worshipping the divine behinds of sluts like Jada Stevens, Dani Daniels, and Kendra Lust.

Thirsty Thursday

“Where we’re going, we won’t need showers!”

Ah, the elusive art of female ejaculation. You haven’t experienced true sexual enlightenment until you’ve let a woman spray your face with her squirt. Gooners know this!

Introducing Thirsty Thursday. This is the day of the week that is all about eye-rolling orgasms and wet pussies. A lot of wet pussies!

So whether you think squirt is pee or are on the opposite end of the spectrum, we can all agree on one thing; few people can resist the urge to drink a pussy dry the moment it erupts.

And if you like it wet and messy, then you’re going to love the next day of the Pornosexual week!

Facial Friday

“Just because he came all over my face doesn’t mean you’re allowed to cum. Keep edging, Gooner!”

Porn arguably features some of the most beautiful women on earth. That’s what makes it so fun to watch. But what makes an attractive woman’s face even better? A dose of hot cum!

I have a penchant for painting women’s faces in cum. It just sends me wild to see them glaring up at me with hungry eyes and never failing to empty my balls to the final drop.

If you haven’t guessed, Facial Friday is the day that Pornosexuals drop to their knees and praise the cum-guzzling abilities of their favourite pornstars. Another day I’m fond of!

Glazed, sloppy, and sticky, just like your favourite doughnuts. Except for its stunning Bukkake sluts which are the order of the day here.

Sissy Saturday

“As the eight cock of the day pounded into your sissy boi pussy, you realized you could never fuck like this. You could only be fucked like this!”

There are some Gooners who are quite content to pump themselves silly to porn with a pack of tissues and some lube. But there are others who take their Pornosexuality to the next level.

That’s right, I’m talking about sissies! This is a fetish that is like a crossover between transsexuality and crossdressing. But surrounding Gooning, the aim is different.

Male Pornosexual sissies aspire to not only dress up as their favourite pornstars, but they also dedicate themselves to acting as slutty as them too.

For these transsexual sluts who are often dressed to kill, Sissy Saturday can see them being anally dicked down by a BBC as they worship Porn Goddesses on their TV.

Sloppy Sunday

“You’ve never seen something as delicious as my cum-filled pussy. Now get down there and clean me up, Gooner, you deserve it!”

And, sadly, here we are at the end of what is an average but wild week for countless Pornosexuals worldwide. You’ve worshipped hard this week. It’s time to chill.

Just in time for Sloppy Sunday! This day is dedicated to sloppy, cum-filled pussies of promiscuous pornstars. No condoms are needed for today!

Because the sensual sight of hot, white cum oozing out of a glistening pink slit just characterizes the feeling of a laid-back, lazy Sunday. Wouldn’t you agree?

For the Pornosexuals on the more extreme end of the spectrum, they’ll indulge in Gooner content with a cuckold theme for Sloppy Sunday.

This is defined by seeing the hung male pornstar as an Alpha Male who is superior to porn-consuming Gooners who can only dream of cumming in the Porn Goddesses they worship.

The fantasy role of the Gooner is to be the beta cleanup boy who’s only worthy of lapping up the sloppy seconds inside their favourite pornstar’s messy, sloppy holes.

Well, What a Damn Week!

It was a pleasure to be led through this wet, wild and downright hypnotic kink that is taking the world of porn by storm. All I can say is, what a week!

If you’re keen to know more about the global Gooning community and wish to go deeper down the rabbit hole, here are some resources popular amongst Pornosexuals:

  • The Pornstar Hangout of CamSoda – Home to private cam sex sessions with porn icons like Gianna Michaels, CamSoda is a popular haunt of the more elite tier of Gooners.
  • The Whoreurope Subreddit – The filthy playground of the notorious Catherine Duffy, this online space is packed with Gooners, Goonettes, and all manner of Pornosexual mayhem!
  • – The only porn tube that is dedicated to the niche realm of Pornosexuality and is jam-packed with everything from BBC Hypno porn to jerk-off instructions (JOI).

Remember to Goon Responsibly

The porn-worshipping Gooner community is a sex-positive and friendly space that is welcoming to newcomers. Responsible Pornosexuals also take steps to protect each other, too.

The fetishization of porn addiction can be healthy, but a real addiction can be the complete opposite and harm both you and those around you.

By all means, indulge in porn as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. But if you feel you have a problem, take advantage of the various porn addiction resources available.

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